Hobby Progress for Week 3



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completely painted.

Week Three was technically week four as I took the previous week to recover from surgery and head to the Las Vegas Open, what I though accomplished when I got back made me very happy.

I set about the daunting task of painting 20 Flayed Ones without any idea on how I was going to paint the fleshy bits and keep things consistent with the rest of the army. I decided to check around the Internet for any ideas on how best to paint Flayed Ones, but I found many tutorials to be either ancient or too involved. So instead, I decided to turn to the community for help and more specifically Necron Facebook, with folks being super helpful by pointing me in a very, “should have thought of that first” direction.

Some of you may not know, but there is this paint called Flayed One Flesh by Games Workshop. I know, why didn’t I think of that before? Anyway, I decided to keep things simple by just using an easy combo of Flayed One Flesh and Reikland Fleshhade over a Leadbelcher base coat. By keeping it simple I also avoided getting caught up in making different colors and textures for the more muscly parts of the Flayed Ones. Making sure things didn’t look odd though, I decided to give Blood for the Blood God a try for the first time. Boy is that paint super fun and took the place of highlights with ease. The above videos show just how little or just how much you can use and manipulate Blood for the Blood God type paint.

“If I paint something, I don’t want to have to explain what it is.”
Bob Ross

With the Flesh settled, it was just a matter of picking out what little details I needed to keep the models unified with the rest of the army. This meant white faces and red shoulders like the rest of the Novokh models in the army. Following the same formula for those units I applied it to the Flayed Ones. To change things up, I decided to make one set of scissor hands on the Flayed ones red, to add a little pop. The reason for the red was because most Flayed One models have the shoulders covered in flesh and this was a clearest way to make the models clearly look part of the Novokh Dynasty.

One of the surprising things about these Flayed Ones, was the Finecast resin wasn’t as bad as I have found on other Games Workshop models. With so many little flesh details, I was shocked I didn’t have to do much flashing and the models went together surprising well too. Like all Finecast though time will tell as I am sure things will start breaking off and my frustrations will only grown, but for now I am crossing my fingers.

The final results are below.

Click the on the image above to see painting details.

Necron Recipe Version 2.0

Overall, I was happy with the results, this was classic example of speed painting for me as once I got going it only took me maybe 4 hours of non drying time to get these models done. Frankly, I was dreading painting these little buggers; between not knowing what flesh color I wanted to being Finecast, a lot could go wrong, with the fear of stripping and starting over never far from my mind.

At this point I can easily say I am half way done with this project! All is left is Warriors, a flyer, scarabs, and the characters! The next week project is between either the Night Scythe repaint or the easy Warriors. So see you next time to find out which one gets done first!