Hobby Progress for Week 4



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completely painted.

Week Four was all about painting Necron Warriors, which like most old plastic sculpts can be core and bore. So I decided to add a little incentive and used the Warriors as a chance to figure out how I wanted my army basing to look.

The Necron Warriors themselves did though pose one challenge, since they were second hand I would have to paint over black primer, making me go back and forth on either just spray can Leadbelcher them or hand brush over. I chose to go the more work route and applied a thin coat to the Warriors to prevent any gross double caking from the spray can. This though meant that no matter what these Warriors would have darker tone than the Immortals who appearance I was trying to mirror.

The darker ton though worked out well because it gave the Warriors a slightly rougher look as per their station in the Necron hierarchy. After going over with Leadbelcher, I followed the same steps as I did with my Immortals, using Necron Compound to drybrush for more pop where things were just a bit too dark. As a consequence of how dark the Warriors were coming out, it made using edging highlighting Fire Dragon Orange too striking, when building up my Novokh colors. Where it was fine with Immortals, I had to keep things closer to a darker red to match the Necron rods I was using.

“Every day is a good day when you paint.”
Bob Ross

As for the basing, I used one the videos above as template, with some minor tweaks. I have a lot of discounted Mourn Mountain Snow Texture paint. This is the best Texture paint, because being white I am able to apply any wash or base coat and get the color I want. I wanted to do something grey, but a real dark grey, so I settled on Mechanicus Standard Grey. I washed the base next with Reikland Fleshshade Shade and then went over again with a dry brush of the Mechanicus Standard Grey. I followed the video directions on creating the blood pools, by making craters in the textured paint.

The bases still though looked a little flat, so placing a few Necron heads on with a quick base, wash, drybrush did the trick to complete the look. You always forget just how important basing is until you do it, it really completes a model and brings everything together.

The progress and results you can see below.

Click the on the image above to see painting details.

Necron Recipe Version 1.0

Overall, painting Warriors turned out a little more challenging then I  expected, but in the end it all worked out and I got the dark tones under control and they came out as close to what I had hoped.

As for what is next on the docket is the home stretch! I have a Night Scythe, three Scarab bases, and four characters to go. I am probably going to get the Night Scythe and C’tan out the way next, leaving the rest of the character, along basing needed to complete the army.