7th Edition Top Army List Compendium

Here you will find a continually updated list of major Grand Tournament Winner Lists for 7th Edition Warhammer 40k. All lists will come from ITC events. To qualify all lists are taken from events with at least least 30 players and five games played. Lists may use older codexes versions and with certain restrictions specific to each Tournament format. Lists with multiple different army detachments will be categorized in the army with the most points spent.

Updated as of 12-28-2016

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Adepta Sororitas

2016 Adepta Sororitas Lists

2015 Adepta Sororitas Lists

2014 Adepta Sororitas Lists


Adeptus Astartes: Blood Angels

2016 Adeptus Astartes: Blood Angels Lists

  1. 3rd Overall Edmonton Onslaught

2015 Adeptus Astartes: Blood Angels Lists

2014 Adeptus Astartes: Blood Angels Lists

Adeptus Astartes: Grey Knights

2016 Adeptus Astartes: Grey Knights Lists

  1. 11th Overall Adepticon
  2. 3rd Overall Buckeye Battles

2015 Adeptus Astartes: Grey Knights Lists

  1. 8th Overall LOV

2014 Adeptus Astartes: Grey Knights Lists

  1. 15th Overall Nova Open
Adeptus Astartes: Space Wolves

2016 Adeptus Astartes: Space Wolves Lists

  1. 3rd Overall Hammer of Wrath 2016
  2. 1st Overall Mugu Championships
  3. 3rd Overall Mugu Championships

2015 Adeptus Astartes: Space Wolves Lists

  1. 4th Overall LVO
  2. 10th Overall Nova Open

2014 Adeptus Astartes: Space Wolves Lists

  1. 13th Overall Nova Open
Astra Militarum
Dark Eldar

2016 Dark Eldar Lists

  1. 2nd Overall Wet Coast GT
  2. 1st Overall No Retreat 3

2015 Dark Eldar Lists

2014 Dark Eldar Lists

  1. 8th Overall Nova Open

2017 Eldar Lists

  1. 3rd Overall Ease into LVO GT
  2. 3rd Overall Glass City Grand Tournament
  3. 6th Overall Las Vegas Open 2017
  4. 5th Overall Las Vegas Open 2017
  5. 1st Overall Warzone Central GT
  6. 2nd Overall Barrie Bash
  7. 3rd Overall Berrie Bash
  8. 1st Overall Warzone Slagelse GT
  9. 3rd Overall Warzone Slagelse GT

2016 Eldar Lists

  1. 1st Overall LVO
  2. 2nd Overall LVO
  3. 6th Overall LVO
  4. 3rd Overall Omegacon
  5. 1st Overall Lantasy
  6. 3rd Overall Huzzah Hobbies’ Hammer in the New Year
  7. 2nd Overall Adepticon
  8. 5th Overall Adepticon
  9. 6th Overall Adepticon
  10. 7th Overall Adepticon
  11. 9th Overall Adepticon
  12. 10th Overall Adepticon
  13. 14th Overall Adepticon
  14. 15th Overall Adepticon
  15. 2nd Overall March Madness
  16. 3rd Overall March Madness
  17. 1st Overall Lantasy
  18. 3rd Overall Lantasy
  19. 2nd Overall Broadside Bash
  20. 3rd Overall Scorched Earth
  21. 3rd Overall Guardian Cup
  22. 2nd Overall Terracon
  23. 1st Overall North West Open
  24. 4th Overall BAO
  25. 9th Overall BAO
  26. 2nd Overall Capital City Bloodbath 2016
  27. 1st Overall Nova Open 2016
  28. 3rd Overall Nova Open 2016
  29. 6th Overall Nova Open 2016
  30. 2nd Overall Michigan GT 2016
  31. 3rd Overall Michigan GT 2016
  32. 2nd Overall Battle for Salvation
  33. 1st Overall No Mercy
  34. 1st Overall Dragon-Fall
  35. 2nd Overall DMB Brawl
  36. 3rd Overall DMB Brawl
  37. 3rd Overall Warzone ATL 2016
  38. 3rd Overall Westeros Winter
  39. 1st Overall Westeros Winter

2015 Eldar Lists

  1. 3rd Overall LVO
  2. 3rd Overall BAO
  3. 2nd Overall Nova Open
  4. 3rd Overall Nova Open
  5. 6th Overall Nova Open

2014 Eldar Lists

  1. 3rd Overall BAO
  2. 9th Overall BAO
  3. 1st Overall Nova Open
  4. 2nd Over Nova Open
  5. 6th Overall Nova Open
  6. 7th Overall Nova Open
  7. 9th Overall Nova Open

2016 Harlequins Lists

  1. 1st Overall March Maddness

2015 Harlequins Lists

2014 Harlequins Lists

Imperial Knights

2017 Imperial Knights Lists

  1. 1st Overall Ease into LVO GT

2016 Imperial Knights Lists

  1. 1st Overall Guardian Cup
  2. 3rd Overall No Mercy

2015 Imperial Knights Lists

2014 Imperial Knights Lists


2016 Inquisition Lists

2015 Inquisition Lists

2014 Inquisition Lists

Khorne Daemonkin

2016 Khorne Daemonkin Lists

10th Overall Nova Open 2016

2015 Khorne Daemonkin Lists

5th Overall Nova Open 2015

2014 Khorne Daemonkin Lists

Militarum Tempestus

2016 Militarum Tempestus Lists

2015 Militarum Tempestus Lists

2014 Militarum Tempestus Lists


2016 Ork Lists

2015 Ork Lists

  1. 1st Overall Storm of Silence

2014 Ork Lists